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What to bring on my Nicaragua trip?

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Nicaragua is a traditionally hot and humid year round.


Bring light clothing suitable for a hot climate.


Women, you can wear short skirts and singlets quite comfortably but be aware that the more skin you show, the more attention you will attract from males. If you do not like stares, wolf whistles etc dress conservatively.


Hats & sunglasses



Walking shoes (enclosed) for any hikes


Swim suit & light towel for the beach


Rain jacket and umbrella



Casual clothes for nightlife and fine dining (there are some very nice and elegant restaurants in Nicaragua at very affordable prices).


A light daypack for day outings/treks


A suitcase or backpack of manageable size. Carry it around your house once, and lift it up and put it on a table. If you can’t do that, its too heavy and you need to cut back what you are bringing.


traveler's checks – cash (in US Dollars only) & Credit cards

Driver’s license.

Your own travelers medical kit with whatever medicines you deem necessary – hints include those to assist with vomiting, diarrhea or just basic headaches or allergies.


Map of Nicaragua


Guide book – ie Lonely planet, Rough Guide. Very useful for their maps of cities.


A pocket-size English/Spanish dictionary or phrase book


Binoculars –especially if you are into birdwatching


Digital or regular camera with film – make sure that your charging equipment will be compatible with Nicaragua


Flashlight/ torch


Insurance - As outlined in our booking conditions, we strongly recommend that you have your own travel insurance prior to departing on one of our tours. Please note that the non refundable deposit should be able to be recuperated through a travel insurance claim in the case of accident or illness. We are often asked to provide more information about travel insurance but believe it best if you contact insurance companies in your own country to learn more about travel insurance. In brief, an individual's medical insurance is very distinct from typical travel/trip insurance. Read here about typical travel insurance

Medical insurance is quite different in that it often does not cover emergency evacuation. We strongly recommend that you check your medical plans for emergency evacuation coverage AND strongly recommend that you obtain travel/trip insurance if you want to hedge your risk against trip cancellation, illness, injury, death, etc in order to recoup some of their expenses in such an event.



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We are based in Granada, Nicaragua. For further information please email we are best contacted by email. we will respond within 48 hours of your enquiry, if not sooner. OR phone (505) 8447 8814 (spanish) or (505) 8982 8099 (english)


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