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Our Style of Travel


The name “Explore Central America” embodies our philosophy as well as our way of travel.

Explore means to travel for the purpose of discovery – and it is this sense of adventure, discovery and delving deeper into a nation that embodies our style of travel.  To even have a glimpse of a culture you must meet its people and experience the way they live.

Experience – partying the night away at festivals, praying or seeking spiritual guidance along with local pilgrims, sweating at the top of a still active volcano, or plunging into the ocean… soaking up sun on the sand, or zooming down a volcano – all these elements make a sensory experience in Nicaragua.   We encourage you to get out and explore on your own – but provide you with a framework (or safety net) so that you are challenging yourself but not too far out of your comfort zone.  Visit sometimes difficult to access places and take the off the beaten track path.



Customised itineraries
Working with our team of professional Nicaragua experts, we offer you example itineraries on our website. From here, you can begin to build your ideal Nicaragua experience. Its up to you to communicate to the Reservations staff your fitness, health, interests, likes and dislikes.  Want to spend more time on the beach… no problem… Want to see a local baseball match… no problem… Feel like you would like to challenge yourself climbing a volcano – just talk to our staff about what your needs are and they will be only too happy to accommodate you.  Be as “way out” as you like – we can deal with it!

Private tour vs group tour

With Explore Central, you can choose either style of tour. With a private tour you will have personalized service and the flexibility to set your own pace. While more expensive than a group tour, you will definitely be able to feel that you are exploring Nicaragua! With a group tour you can meet other like minded individuals, and reduce costs while also enjoying that sense of discovery. As our group size is limited to 8 people, you certainly don’t have that sense of being on a ‘package tour’.  Instead of feeling like a tourist, you will feel like a traveler.
Pioneered in our Peruvian sister company, Apus Peru, Explore Central America offer the unique option of opting to list your tour on a ‘travellers wanted’ page.

Are your tours ‘accompanied tours’?

Many companies offer a Western tour leader who accompanies the tour from Day 1 to the end of the tour. While such a tour leader does provide some insights into Nicaragua, we prefer to give you more independence.  We also believe it is important to give employment to Nicaraguans. As such, you will be met in each Nicaraguan city by your English speaking local tour guide/coordinator. On many occasions you will be on a tour with a local tour operator, who offers larger groups at more affordable prices (ie Cerro Negro sandboarding/toboganning or Mombacho Ziplining). Between cities you will be accompanied by a private driver who speaks basic English. All that said, the Directors of Explore Central do like to travel and also keep an eye on the quality of the local tour operators - so don't be surprised to see one of us checking up that everything is going well.

you will feel that you have sincerely connected and helped the local people.

Leon Cathedral

A family orientation
As a small, family owned and run business we are personalized and conscientious in all that we do. We realize that large offices and many staff are not sustainable – as such we focus on web based sales and have a modest office in a residential area of Granada.  24 hour support and backup is obtainable by calling supplied emergency numbers.

Giving a little bit back
Explore Central America contributes 5% of your tour price directly to projects. They also view that by visiting local restaurants and enterprises you directly put a cash injection into the economy. Not only will your tour have a focus on visiting interesting and worthy projects (fair trade coffee farms, orphanages, schools… and more) yoyou will feel that you have sincerely connected and helped the local people.

Getting around

We offer private transport for this tour from beginning to end. Transport is in comfortable, but not extravagant vehicles suited to the number of people in your tour. Smaller groups can expect to travel in a sedan or station wagon while larger groups travel in vans. All transportation is air conditioned.

A place to sleep

For some, a clean and safe hotel for the night is more than adequate – for others your hotel is part of the experience. With a great number of gorgeous restored colonial houses in Nicaragua now operating as hotels, there is a good range of different accommodation types. In all cases we have a working relationship with the hotels and try to meet your needs and wishes in regard to accommodation type – however, we always look for local flavor.
We also offer the option of lodging for several days of the trip with a middle class, host family (some, but not much English spoken).   This is an excellent way to gain insights into Nicaragua daily living from a local perspective.


Paper making women San Ramon Nicaragua

A culinary experience
With one of Explore Central America’s directors a food lover (especially a Nicaraguan foodie!) we advocate taking time to sample, taste and savour the many different flavours that Nicaragua offers. However, we also allow you the flexibility to indulge your individual tastes during the trip where you are free to choose: spicy or mild, gourmet or street vendor, cutting edge or comfort “gringo” food.   In all cases, we'll recommend great spots to suit every taste and budget.


Always smile!
At all times remember that Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere with a small, but burgeoning tourist infrastructure. Locals have a different concept of time, and things don’t always go to plan. When this occurs (because it sometimes does, despite our best efforts!)  please consider that this is part of your journey of discovery about being in a land very different than your own home.  Patience will get you much further than displays of anger or being annoyed (seen as amusing).  Please see more information on tips for travel on our Responsible travel pages.


Your safety is our priority. Our drivers are hand picked for their reliable and adept road skills. Your hotels are chosen for their location, reputation, and track history. In the case of civil disturbance we will take all decisions with the safety of our clients and our staff in mind.

Our style of travel
A saying that used to be common in our grandmother’s day: “everything in moderation” – and so we offer this in our trips – a safe, and memorable journey that is not in the lap of luxury nor is it el-cheapo either. We want you to have the very best holiday you can and aim to be honest and forthright with you about the style of your travel from the first time you email our reservations team to the time your guide says goodbye.  We want to offer you good, solid, value for money holiday where we are clear about what is included and what is not.  You can choose to go with a cheaper company – but we are upfront – be very clear about what is included, and what is not.
– and also be sure to ask if staff are treated fairly. (If not make sure you tip them well!)

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We are based in Granada, Nicaragua. For further information please email reservas@explore-central-america.com we are best contacted by email. we will respond within 48 hours of your enquiry, if not sooner. OR phone (505) 8447 8814 (spanish) or (505) 8982 8099 (english))

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