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>we are trekking and travel enthusiasts with a passion for nature and the outdoors.

>we have over 20 years experience in the tourism industry, and a specialisation in tourism interpretation.


>we are interested in providing quality, unique and meaningful experiences for travellers, so that they can take home magical memories and push themselves beyond their boundaries.


> we have a sustainability policy


>the tours offered by Explore Central America were all first explored by our management in the spirit of adventure


> we pride ourselves in offering "off the beaten track" travel experiences.


>we are focusing on quality, unique experiences... with this ethos of quality not quantity. we do not have big, cheap groups departing frequently.

Our staff

A month after her first visit to Nicaragua, Ariana Svenson was back, charmed by the climate, food and friendly Nicaraguan people. Her goal with the foundation of Explore Central America is to enable likeminded people to experience the best of this fascinating continent, on a budget but also enjoying the freedoms of organised yet not group travel.


A West Australia, Ariana is a journalist and currently pursuing Masters studies in the Development of third world nations. She worked in tourism for 10 years, as an interpretive guide and she specialises in environmental and educational interpretation.

She is a Director of Apus Peru Adventure Travel, located in Cusco, Peru. Apus Peru specialise in off the beaten track experiences in Peru, where Ariana lived on and off for six years while having time to fit in a number of Chinese forays, as well as a range of other Asian destinations including Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Burma and Laos. She works with her brother Bo, on Safari Salama overland expeditions, where she is responsible for the website and Asian operations




Ariana tasting the famous Nagarote Quesillos

Norman Vega Talavera is a native of Chontales, in central Nicaragua, but has lived in Granada for most of his life. After studying International Relations he qualified to study medicine in Cuba under their well known scholarship scheme, and spent three years there mixing with people from all over Latin America.


Norman is passionate about Nicaraguan culture, history and politics, and his hope, in forming Explore Central America is to share this rich culture with visitors to his country.


He loves Nicaraguan food like the nactamale, fritanga and different fishes, and hopes one day to lead a culinary tour of his nation.



Explore Central America is affliated with the Peruvian NGO Threads of Peru, which connects indigenous weavers of the Andes to the world.


Threads of Peru logo

Norman exploring the backroads of the Matagalpa region.


We are members of:


Sustainable Travel International

tourism concern

Tourism Concern - Fighting exploitation in tourism

we support, via regular donation:


we support, via regular donation:msf logo

Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia (Doctors without borders)


Amnesty International Australia

oxfam logo Oxfam Australia


We are based in Granada, Nicaragua. For further information please email reservas@explore-central-america.com we are best contacted by email. we will respond within 48 hours of your enquiry, if not sooner. OR phone (505) 8447 8814 (spanish) or (505) 8982 8099 (english))

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